Leukemia Research Foundation Board of Directors

The Leukemia Research Foundation’s leadership is made up of people who have coped with, firsthand, the death of a loved one, or have personally survived a blood cancer diagnosis themselves. As a result, decisions regarding LRF programs and services are based upon personal experience as well as true compassion with the hope that in the future no one will experience what they, themselves have endured.

Board Officers


Blake Brandwein
Vice President
OEM Hardware

Vice President



Gerald Brin, CPA (Retired)
Weltman Bernfield, LLC


Patty Mix
Joey's Angels Chapter Vice President
20+ Year Volunteer

Members at Large

Robert S. Grabemann

Daspin & Aument, LLP
LRF General Counsel

Kevin Radelet (Ex-Officio)

Executive Director
Leukemia Research Foundation

Larry Mix

Vice President
F.H. Paschen

Harvey Brin

Harkin Cable Company

Marcia Brin

Davidson-Brin Chapter President
35+ year volunteer

John Burke

Private Wealth Management
Goldman Sachs

Todd Holmes

Liquidus Media

Frank Martinez

Associate Broker
Marcus & Millichap

Randi Schlossberg Schullo

Alden Management Services

Steve Wilensky

Attorney at Law

Dr_ Patrick Stiff

Medical Advisory Board

The Leukemia Research Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board is comprised of senior scientists from every area of hematologic malignancy research. Dr. Patrick Stiff, Director of the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center at Loyola University Medical Center serves as the Board Chair. Dr. Stiff carefully matches scientific research proposals submitted annually, to the most appropriate reviewers located across the United States. Learn more about the Medical Advisory Board and LRF’s research funding under the For Researchers tab.

Professional Staff

Kevin Radelet

Executive Director
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Carl Alston

Director of Communications
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Arleen Boudart

Finance Manager/
Director of Special Events

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Carrie Callas

Director of Programs

Cindy Kane

Senior Director of Development
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Duncan Mitchell

Director of Annual Fund/Database Administrator
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Zola Zeigler

Administrative Assistant
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