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Matching gifts

Many companies offer a matching gift program as a benefit to their employees, and it is an easy way to further your contribution to the Leukemia Research Foundation.

Simply enter your company in our search tool below. Some companies will even match donations from retirees, spouses, and part-time staff.

Search tips

  • In the drop-down of search results, click on your company's name to find information about their specific guidelines for matching gift eligibility.
  • Search by acronym or variations on your company's name.
  • If your company is a subsidiary of a larger company, search for the parent company.

If you don't see your company listed, contact your human resources department for details. If they don't offer a matching gifts program, ask them to consider creating one.

Public sector employees

Employees that work for government, education institutions, and other public entities can support the Leukemia Research Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Simply designate the Leukemia Research Foundation (#11725) on your payroll deduction form.


If you need assistance or have questions about giving at work, please contact Duncan Mitchell at 847.919.6288 or

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