Affiliate Board of the Leukemia Research Foundation

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Affiliate Board

The Leukemia Research Foundation Affiliate Board's mission is to increase awareness of all blood cancers and foster the importance of funding research by using enthusiasm and commitment as ambassadors of the LRF.

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Affiliate Board Members

  • Maddy Bassetto
  • Ben Conrad
  • Cameron Cooper
  • Sam Donets
  • Charlie Dreebin
  • David Handley
  • Samantha Heberton
  • Taylor Hoffman
  • Tyler Hoffman
  • Connor Kaddatz
  • Claire Kelley
  • Krissy Kowalenko
  • Jordan Laeyendecker
  • Sean Lewis
  • Jenna Mattina
  • Kasia Merlak
  • Alyssa Mix
  • Alan Osinski
  • Shana Sanchez
  • Adrianne Schmidt
  • Cassidy Tarpey
  • Maggie Wiener
  • Emily Wilensky