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A Message from Board President

Blake Brandwein

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Dedicated to conquering all blood cancers by funding research into their causes and cures, and enriching the quality of life of those touched by these diseases.


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A Message from Board President Blake Brandwein

As we continue to endure a global pandemic, it is critical that medical research broadens it's impact, and clearly its progress benefits us all.

The Leukemia Research Foundation funds promising blood cancer research projects that accelerate the development of new treatments and therapies. For many young blood cancer researchers, the award they receive from the LRF is the “seed money” that funds real innovation.

Their work – discovering new treatments, prevention, and early detection – moves us closer to a world free from the fear of blood cancer.

In June, the Leukemia Research Foundation’s independent Medical Advisory Board will gather to review grant applications and make their funding recommendations. We strive to fund as many research projects as possible, but the number of New Investigators who we are able to fund each year is wholly dependent on the support of our donors.

With your help we can do more! Click below to watch a 1:21 video from Board President Blake Brandwein.


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